Russian Military defeat USA

The Russian Military have defeated the American / NATO Military without firing a single shot.

What should have been a season of mocking the Russian Airforce in Syria, has turned into the secret humiliation of American Military muscle.  The warning that this could and would happen goes back as far as 2014 with the USS Donald Cook, incident in the Black Sea south of Crimea. The Russian Airforce disabled an all powerful American Warship loaded with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and the supposedly all powerful Aegis System with one plane. The best summary of the incident of What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea was reported back in Nov 2014. The implications of this humiliation where not fully understood or digested at the time, although the Diplomatic Complaint was reported by Nuclear Threat Initiative organisation and the Russian Press.

Next came Syria, and the big surprise.

The Russians switched on there ECM Electronic Warfare Systems, and a large chunk of Syria went completely dark to NATO. The Radar and Spy Satellites screens went blank. Some of these systems may even have been damaged by the ECM Pulse. The size of this black hole was apparently 600 kilometers wide, and it was a game changing event.

The nuclear-powered USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier had to flee the Persian Gulf.

While the likes of CNN put a brave face on, and cynically lied that it was due for maintenance, the fact is that is just not plausible. If it really was the case, it would have been replaced with another Aircraft Carrier – this is one of the worlds most strategic sea lanes and the area is in full blown crisis. It simply beggars belief that the US Navy would casually leave the Persian Gulf unguarded.

The press would ask you to believe that this has nothing to do with being in easy range of the Russians launching Cruise Missiles from the Caspian Sea, and the Radar / Satellite black hole. They even tried to persuade the public with un-sourced reports that these missiles crashed in Iran. The military justification for using these expensive toys is minimal at best. The more obvious reason was to send a very strong message to NATO that Russia can strike at will, including anything behind the so called missile shield.

Understandably you will not wish to simply believe everything in this blog post while the entire force of the mainstream media tells a different narrative. But please, feel free to do your own research.


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